Training and Consultancy

Mark Buchanan has been working internationally for more than 25 years with clients ranging from small non-profits to huge household-name multinationals. He offers a blend of pre-prepared training solutions and free-form consultancy to help clients understand the challenges they face and to equip their people to overcome them.

He is one of those rare consultants that are equally effective at all levels of client organisations, generating measurable results from board level to shop floor.

Mark uses his unique blend of logic, humour and story-telling skills to deliver highly engaging seminars and learning events. His high percentage of repeat business is proof of their effectiveness. His clarity of thought and ability to articulate complex ideas in simple ways keep him in high demand, both as an educator and a consultant.

There are certain challenges that are faced by almost all companies, regardless of their market sector or geographical location. Standardised training courses almost always offer the most cost effective way to tackle those challenges. They also offer consistency when more than one course is required to serve the number of delegates wishing to be trained.

All of the practicaleyes training courses can be tailored to some extent to meet specific customer requirements. Sometimes the challenges you are facing are not sufficiently clear to be tackled by a standard training course. Or perhaps there is no standard offering that will meet your needs. In these cases practicaleyes offers a consultancy service to diagnose the needs of your organisation. We can also design and implement a bespoke programme to meet those needs.

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