Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan is the author and designer of all the courses offerred in the Practicaleyes on-line learning centre.

Originally qualified in electrical and electronic engineering, Mark was heavily involved with the personal computer revolution. 

He later spent many years in the charitable sector, specialising in the Middle East in addition to his duties on the organisation's world-wide governing board. He also carried responsibility for global technology and publishing issues.

Since 2004, Mark has been working all over the world as a Business Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. Working with more than 50,000 people in more than 60 countries, Mark is an experienced facilitator and is skilled in cross-cultural communication. His engaging and motivating facilitation style is designed to help delegates discover for themselves the powerful principles that guide effectiveness and performance.

In addition to his training and consultancy work, Mark has written, presented and produced a 13-part, live and interactive television series for a global cable channel and is the author of "Creative Thinking For Logical People".

On his rare days off, he enjoys motorcycling and latin percussion.