Video Says It Better

We specialise in the production of short training videos and promotional content. We offer a complete production service covering: concept, script, voice-over, graphics, audio bed, filming, editing, 2-D animation and final delivery onto the Web or physical delivery medium.

The success of YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia is ample proof that video is rapidly becoming the communication method of choice, socially and in business. Video can communicate emotions, stories and explanations in ways that the written word simply cannot. People will engage with a video far longer than they will engage with printed text and amongst the millenial generation, almost 60% prefer video to text when researching a company.

Video is a great way to modernise your brand and engage more effectively with your clients and potential customers, whether you are selling, educating or simply informing them.

Improvements in the price and quality of video production technology mean that video is more cost-effective than ever and it is now an option for applications that would have formerly been cost-prohibitive. The ability to embedd "call-to-action" buttons within videos and the ease with which they can be distributed make video the most exciting message delivery medium in your toolkit.

“This is exactly what we wanted - short, concise and informative. The animated graphics, voiceover and music track work really well together and it is a great way to introduce ourselves to potential clients.”
- Andy Bendzak (Business Development Director), Strategic Proposals

Reach Your Audience With Effective Video

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